Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Have your cog and eat it.

Yes, a pun. A dreadful one, too. But, all for a good cause, because I bring you the very last thing you need. 

Edible cogs.

I found these on Etsy, where I was window shopping one of my favourite shops, Andies Speciality Sweets.  I've never bought anything from them, you understand. I just press my nose to the monitor and drool. 

 That's all this post needs, really.  Except to say, I'm putting these on my letter to Santa.  I've been a very good girl...


  1. Too fun...Gee...I've been a good girl too. (Sort of....) ;o) Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  2. Love it here....Amidst all the lace and antiques, I am a big fan of steampunk....just became your newest follower and thank you for stopping by. I'm working on several tutorials right now, but don't have any completed. I'll be sure and include the lace ornaments. If you haven't visited my dear friend, LuLu, at coastalsisters.blogspot.com you really need to....I think you guys are a perfect fit....same interests, humor, and such......check her out and come back soon to visit.

  3. Oh! Japes and jollies with delight!!!
    They all look so delicate and tasty, don't they?
    Okay, now I'm hungry!

  4. And there's no wheat to these!!!!! They're non-GMO and look wonderful!!!!!
    The price means one must be a very good girl, indeed.
    Love being able to see your smiling face here! Love the haircut too! your smile's a real crowd-pleaser. I'm sure it will add to your blog's friendly, warm welcome to all who visit.
    Lovely chat yesterday!

  5. Hi! Great post, thanks for following and now I'm following back.

  6. Okay, Possum's thinking, thinking.....
    Comes the dawn!
    It is possible to sterilize actual gears/cogs/sprockets/other bits of metal from which to take molds.
    A quick stop at your local Hobby or chain store which carries confectionary supplies, along with a little warming of said supplies, and voila! Chocolate Sprockets!
    Crazy good?

  7. Crazy good. I'm going to ask my FIL if he knows, as he's a Mr Fixit for most things. I doubt I can get him to understand WHY I need cogs, though...*giggles*


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