Saturday, October 22, 2011

From Dr Crupper's Collection.

Obviously these creatures are rare.

This came from the collection of Dr Algernon Crupper 
and he insists in his memoirs that the creature was already dead 
when he discovered it, and as a specimen it was in poor condition.

Either way, it makes a sad and sorry spectacle, 
its bony little face pressed to the glass of the collection jar
 and the fragile and broken wings still spread for flight
 attached to its tiny shoulder blades.

Please note the wings, here clearly seen. 
They resemble those of the Cicadidae family,
 being transparent and well-veined. 
They do seem large enough to allow for short flight. 
Dr Crupper notes that the specimen was found in Western England, 
where cicadas of any kind are rare and small. 

At the site where this specimen was located
 there were also some small items 
which were found in the lair or nest of the creature. 
Some blossoms tied with gossamer,
 perhaps into a primitive robe, 
and a small stick, which had some traces of light, 
"like a glow worm, or firefly". 

Regrettably, Dr Crupper neglected to collect these items; 
we have only his journal sketches for
 evidence of the existence of such artefacts.

This unique specimen remains in the  Dr Crupper Collection, 
now in private hands.

 However, I am able to post these few photographs 
to allow those interested to make their own judgement
 on the existence of small, sentient beings 
who inhabit the folklore of cultures around the globe.

(I know. Isn't it horrible? I always clap my hands during Peter Pan, so I felt really bad making this. Plastic skeleton, (for instructions on how to bend to shape, see here, ) cicada wings. I didn't kill the fairy or the cicada, I hasten to note. Leaf, bits of dry grass, largish jar with spray-painted lid)


  1. Dr Algernon Crupper, the all purpose Steampunk engineer/scientist/explorer who designed the Steampunk pistol.

    He's my own invention. He's a little strange, actually. Hence the dead fairy in a jar. Hubby's just seen it. He actually recoiled in horror.


  2. Oh you delight me so. I think we must have been twins born to different mothers. This is positively delightful....has the anthropologist in me quivering in delight....Smiles & Skelly Hugs ~ Robin

  3. Can we affectionately address his memory by calling him just Algie?
    The punster in me wishes her were here so I might ask him, "What's it all about, Algie?"
    har har
    {I know, I know!
    Get thee to a punnery!}

  4. All purpose, you say?
    A thought dawns.
    Might he also be a bit into alchemy, as his research suggest a metaphysical bent?

  5. Returning to retrive the errant "R" in today's first comment......

  6. Rhissanna, Very creative..and a little creepy! I love it.

  7. Thank you, Robin and Sherry. It looks pretty disgusting in real life, too. But sad, you know?

  8. I die......this is beyond wonderful! I am off to read the tutorial on the bending and shaping....*clapping hands in glee*

    ROFL @ your husband thinking this was disgusting...mine would too! Tee hee!


  9. Thank you, Lulu! I'm glad you liked it! You're too kind.

  10. this is the coolest thing ever. Darn right it's disgusting, it's one of the most disgusting crafts I have ever seen and I love it to bits!

  11. Okay very creepy but fun creepy. I love the cicada wings.


  12. Oh this is fantastically creepy and absolutely PERFECT! Thanks for sharing at this week's BFF Open House!

  13. EEEEWWWWW!! But it is so cool! Just discovered your blog and I love it. I'm a new follower. Hope you stop by and check out my blog. I also have a link party every Monday. Would love for you to stop by and link up.


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