Sunday, October 16, 2011


with an 'e'.

To make the Study a place of magic and fantasy, rather than a mere cheap copy of a 19th century room, I need to place in it items of intrigue and delight.  I have my armillary sphere, my Aetheric Pistol and my brain-in-a-jar. You know what would make it complete? One of these...

This is (like duh, obviously!) a Vampire Killing Kit.  There's a tutorial at the amazing  Polish The Stars blog, which you should go over and see, right now. A tutorial that includes costs, which is always dear to my heart.

The kit was made after seeing this little wonder which auctioned for $12,000...

Yah. I don't have $12,000 for my Halloween decorations, either. 

I think making one of these might be right for Hubby's birthday card. He gets an elaborate card because, once and not that long ago, we had nothing, and no money, and a card was all he would get.

So, hasten over to Polish The Stars, for thine own protection. There's all other kinds of goodies, too.


  1. Oh Rhissanna you got me good here Girl....I've always wanted a vampire killing kit!! I saw that photo pop up on my dashboard and went "NO WAY!!" You rock! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  2. Heh! Well, thank you. Yes, I saw it and thought, you know, that's just so amazing, that pretty much makes my Halloween.

  3. SO COOL!!!!!!!!!!
    LOVE the idea!!!!!!! Why didn't I think of it before?????????
    Well, could be in that vampires are depicted often as more lovable in today's modern world.......
    Thank You for the tip on the link gig. We've just joined!

  4. As an afterthought, which one of those headless pics do you favor?
    As soon as you'll let me know, I'll be certain to dive into the files and send one off to you in the largest size with full resolution I can muster.

  5. The Headless Horseman pics? I loved the one on the top right. The engraving? I think it's the book illustration everyone is familiar with, but I've never actually read it (I should be ashamed, I know.) I have a pile of frames and I'm hoping to build up a collection of odd and bizzare prints as part of the Steampunk Study wall. That picture would be perfect, thank you!

  6. Thank you so much for showing off my vampire killing kit! :)

  7. My pleasure, Megan. You've go some seriously cool stuff.


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