Sunday, September 18, 2011

Let's start at the very beginning...

.... a very good place to start.

It's really this bad

Here is the warts-and-all photo of the room I'm going to change.  It was hubby's computer room/storage/glory hole and then it became my bargain dumping ground.  It holds all the Star Wars collectibles and the spare bed and the books-without-a-bookcase.  It's a sad and sorry sight.

What I want it to look like is this

This splendid confection is Mark Twain's study.  I know!  He made some serious money!

Of course, I can't have this.  My room is small and my pockets are smaller.  But I'm hoping to gradually collect the elements I want and put them together.  For nothing, or almost nothing.   So that means lucky finds and make-do, serendipity and happenstance, hence this blog.

Now, some of the stuff I already have.  I was originally going to make a medieval bedroom (stop giggling at the back, there!) and I had collected some goodies towards that.  Then, hubby confessed he'd always wanted a sleigh bed and that won't fit medieval.  The bedroom will have to be Empire, with toile and blue-and-white and, probably shabby chic painted stuff, which is all fine.  The stored medieval objects (you are saying that with a French accent, right?) will translate very nicely to the study, thanks to Pugin,  William Morris and the PRB.  The Victorian version of the Middle Ages looks more comfortable, anyway.


  1. I know with your talent and imagination you will pull it off. It's going to look fantastic.


  2. Rhissanna, I can't wait to see the finished room. It sounds wonderful! I don't know if you are familiar with this blog but I think you would like Richard's style.

    Thanks for your visits and kind comments on the chalk paint post. I do appreciate it!

  3. looks like you have a good start. mark Twain House is amazing and I can see why you chose that library as an example. As you know I am a very die hard Victorian person when it comes to interiors and it looks like you have a good begining. Thanks for reading my blog and becoming a follower, I am your newest as well. Have a beautiful fall day. Richard from My Old Historic House.

  4. Love the pictures. Thanks for stopping by and saying, 'hi'. HPS!

  5. Oh, I just love this room! I hope that you show your "after" pictures when you are done with yours. You have good taste. ;0)
    Thank you for stopping by my place!

  6. Can't wait to see the end result. I have a room like your before picture. Maybe you will inspire me!

  7. Your tastes and mine are similar! Pre-Raphaelite is one of the best styles I can think of! I'll be looking forward with eager anticipation your every conversion to this space you have to re-create!


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