Sunday, July 31, 2011

The other blog

I wasn't going to make a craft/home decor blog. I was going to do this blog here;  Rhissanna Dollmaker about dollmaking. 

Here is Little Peggy, an air-dry clay doll, in her new bonnet. The  lovely green fabric she is lying on was a giveaway I won from The Sewing Dork. Do go and see her blog!

Monday, July 25, 2011

A short commercial intermission

Presenting  Dr Algernon Crupper's  Steam-Syphon Eductoring Aetheric Pistol. ( Or, it's amazing what you can do with a water pistol, some cheap spray paint and a long afternoon.)

This was hubby's birthday card last year. It fits the theme of the  (Victorian Gothic Steampunky) study and I hope to make a neat little box to store it in.  It's gold and red and vaguely 19 th century  I've seen a lot of very beautiful, very engineered steampunk artifacts  on-line and I do not pretend, for one minute, that this is their equal. This was just something  that was fun to make. from old bits and pieces.

The images on the flyer come from the wonderful  Graphics Fairy . Queen Victoria's signature,  to the left of the flags, I copied and pasted from an old document I found on-line. Isn't the internet great?

The other side of the pistol is here. I made the gauge from an old torch(that's a flashlight to you). I'm not entirely happy with it,  but it balances out the weapon's shape and adds some weight. I deliberately made both sides different, to try and (hopefully) disguise the plastic water pistol  shape

Does the pistol work? Of course! The device on the top contains one of those LED candles, which flickers  in a sinister and convincing way when viewed from the business end.  The light and the mock-cloisonne effect were the things that pleased me the most. That and the fact it has lasted for nine months without falling apart, which suggests pure luck guided me to the right kind of glue 

Friday, July 22, 2011

Coming Soon

I wasn't going to make a craft blog. I really wasn't. But to open this blog on a project which is dear to my heart, I thought I'd let you know what I'm doing. Taking up the challenge from My Legacy I'm using iced tea bottles to make over-the-top heavy tassels.. I'm not quite finished with the first one, and I'm deliberately trying to make a design I can repeat. as I think I'll need four the same, on either side of the curtains. I'm hoping to have lots of tassels, to add to things around the room, tapestry hangings and exotic cushions and backs of chairs,,,

Does this look like Cthulhu? A little? 
Anyway. Here are some starter images. I'll put up a tutorial, although you don't really need one. And thanks again to Nancy at My Legacy for showing the way.